Release 2021

Release 2021

General improvements

  • Speed of connection created using auto connectivity rules is substantial increased.
  • In the Edit Model section the type of columns can be changed.
  • In the Projects Panel all projects can be collapsed at once.
  • In the Object Files Panel a toggle to set the default storage location for files to the database is introduced (Admin only).
  • Moving subobjects from InfraMap to a different project is blocked if this is a substructure and the owner is not selected/moved also.

User Management improvements

  • Utility user group can be defined with a prefix '#' to exclude them from visibility groups.
  • Multiple users can be created at once with the ‘create users’ menu.
  • A resource wizard is introduced in InfraPlanner to create multiple resources at once.

HLD Tools improvements

  • AutoCluster 5 is improved to calculate larger area’s and more connections.
  • In the HLD duct matrix wizard now for two different network layers the required reserve capacity per layer can be assigned.  

Reporting improvements

  • In the Design Reports section a new report type is added: the Title Block. Within a Title Block document forms and colors can be used to create a legend to include in PDF printouts. (Document Admin only)
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