DP Splicing tool

DP Splicing tool

DP Splicing Tool  

The DP Splicing Tool is made for in the field changes on the fiber output of a DP. When starting the Splicing tool, you will first arrive at the login screen.

Two roles can be defined for the DP Splicing Tool. Either you are an admin or a writer. Both roles are limited to do certain things in the app. A writer is able to make a new proposal in within a DP. An admin is authorized to assess the proposals.


Make a new proposal (writer/admin)

Step 1: Log in with your credentials.

Note: In the top right corner

Step 2: Go to Tab ‘EVP-List’ (DP-List) and select a project.

Step 3: Drag and drop using your finger or mouse to change the Fiber Outputs.

Step 4: If the proposed changes are correct select ‘Save Proposal’ (Picture)
If the proposed changes are incorrect select ‘Delete Proposal’

A DP of a selected project is locked when other users have already made a proposal.


Assess a proposal (Admin)

Only the admin can accept or delete a Proposal. When the admin accepts a proposal the changes are written to the Database and the proposal is deleted.

Step 1: Go to the second tab ‘Proposals’. All proposed changes are listed.

Step 2: Select a DP.

Step 3: Assess if the proposal is valid.

Step 4: Accept or Reject Proposal.

Note: Once you reject a proposal it is possible to upload an explanation and accompanying photo. So that the proposer can review it.    



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