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    • DP Splicing tool

      DP Splicing Tool   The DP Splicing Tool is made for in the field changes on the fiber output of a DP. When starting the Splicing tool, you will first arrive at the login screen. Two roles can be defined for the DP Splicing Tool. Either you are an ...
    • How do I install MobilePass?

      Find your Installation instruction in the attachments for Android, Windows or iOS.
    • ODF tool Sort DAC not working

      For the ODF database you can use 'Sort DAC' (FTTH -> ODF contractors -> Sort DAC). Witch the 'Sort DAC' tool you can point out/set the starting point wher the splicing begins (default is 1 meter). Please image below: It First sorts on the overlapping ...
    • Inframap making IMS crash

      Whenever opening InfraMap is making IMS crash, you can export the Admin Map settings to the users account to fix this.
    • How to: GeoStruct Cloud dashboard

              Date: 10/05/2022            Version: 1.0.0 How to: GeoStruct Cloud Dashboard Introduction GeoStruct offers a way to have insights in your usage on our cloud. This data is presented on an online data dashboard. ...