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    • DP Splicing tool

      DP Splicing Tool   The DP Splicing Tool is made for in the field changes on the fiber output of a DP. When starting the Splicing tool, you will first arrive at the login screen. Two roles can be defined for the DP Splicing Tool. Either you are an ...
    • How do I install MobilePass?

      Find your Installation instruction in the attachments for Android, Windows or iOS.
    • ODF tool Sort DAC not working

      For the ODF database you can use 'Sort DAC' (FTTH -> ODF contractors -> Sort DAC). Witch the 'Sort DAC' tool you can point out/set the starting point wher the splicing begins (default is 1 meter). Please image below: It First sorts on the overlapping ...
    • Inframap making IMS crash

      Whenever opening InfraMap is making IMS crash, you can export the Admin Map settings to the users account to fix this.
    • How to GeoStruct Cloud dashboard

      Introduction GeoStruct offers a way to have insights in your usage on our cloud. This data is presented on an online data dashboard. There insights of the concurrency and activity of users of multiple months are presented. This document is a short ...